Once you purchase the stone…

If you’re remodeling, our company will work with you to schedule appointments for measurements and installation (480) 347-5000. With new construction, your builder will typically coordinate the installation for you.

Unless it is pre-arranged and included in the contract, Renowned Stone installers will not tear out your existing countertops. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the removal of existing countertops prior to installation. (ALSO, plywood installation) All details should be worked out in your Purchase Agreement prior to the arrival of the installers.

If Renowned Stone is contracted to tear out any existing countertops, the customer is responsible for removal of all items in the base cabinets.

Yes, Renowned Stone is not licensed for plumbing. While the process usually takes between one and two weeks, demolition can be completed the day of installation to avoid any inconvenience. The customer is responsible for contacting a local plumber for reconnection. If a general contractor is involved, you can often arrange to have a temporary sink installed.

To avoid installation difficulties and delays, please be sure walls and cabinets are structurally sound, straight, level and square.

All cabinets must be installed on the same plane. Sinks and cook tops should also be available at the site during initial measurements. To verify cutout dimensions, you must review what is covered in your Purchase Agreement to ascertain responsibility of our installer.

This is the responsibility of the purchaser or general contractor. Renowned Stone is only responsible for making the necessary cutouts for any sinks, faucets and cook tops, to be later installed by the customer or general contractor.

In the case of an under mount sink, Renowned Stone will install the sink, but is not licensed to connect any plumbing.

Yes. For proper cutout size verification, it is necessary to have the sink and faucet fixtures, as well as any appliances, available during installation.

Every effort is made to protect your walls and other adjacent surfaces. When a heavy, natural stone, countertop is installed, however, some scuffing may occur. Any “touch ups” needed are the responsibility of the homeowner.